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This week in Jewcy, our partner site

The Editors
January 11, 2013

Each Friday we bring you a look at what’s going on over at, our partner site. This week, Culture Kvetch columnist Jacob Silverman takes on our ultimately distracting obsession with crying nepotism when young writers and artists are especially successful:

Rampant success, particularly at such a young age, attracts suspicion. There’s no doubt that Dunham has had some advantages in life. To expect her to own up to it in an interview, however, to think that she might flagellate herself or in some way apologize or refuse these perks—that strikes me as an unrealistic expectation. And by doing so, we overlook what should largely inform our judgment of a writer: the work itself.

Still, despite however much I may excuse Dunham, or at the very least tire of the moralistic debate over her upbringing, I’ve recently found myself submitting other writers to similar scrutiny. What aren’t they copping to, I ask myself. And if they won’t say it, why won’t the journalists covering them do it instead?

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