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Sundown: Bibi’s Preferred Donors

Plus a stealth subway artist and more.

Dvora Meyers
October 22, 2010

• Yediot Ahronoth reports that 98 percent of Netanyahu’s 2007 campaign contributions came from abroad.

• Rabbi Shmuley Boteach calls homophobia an abomination. (That’s also written somewhere in Leviticus. I wish.) [The Huffington Post]

• And speaking of same-sex pairings, the Israeli version of Dancing with the Stars will feature a female couple. [Digital Spy and The Gloss]

• The newest Text/Context, which is published in a partnership by the Jewish Week and Nextbook Inc., has been released.[Text/Context]

• Eric Molinsky, a frequent contributor to Tablet Magazine, whose illustrations have accompanied several podcasts, is featured in this weekend’s NYT Metropolitan section “Subway Issue” for sketching fellow commuters on his iPhone. [NYT]

• New Yorker Hye Wolf’s quest to keep Yiddish alive. [BBC]

In honor of the gymnastics competition at this week’s World Championships in Rotterdam, Holland, here is Ekaterina Lobaznyuk’s floor routine at the 2000 Olympic Games, which she performed to an old Jewish favorite, Hava Nagilah. (Warning: Don’t try this at your next wedding or bar mitzvah. Not that you’d want to.)

Dvora Meyers is a journalist and author based in Brooklyn.