Larry David.(Zimbio)
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Sundown: Drone Takes a Top Taliban Leader

Plus a Norwegian paper publishes a horrendous cartoon

Adam Chandler
May 29, 2013
Larry David.(Zimbio)

• Wali ur-Rehman, the second-highest member of the Pakistani Taliban, who was already thought to be dead, is once again believed to be dead after reports that a U.S. drone strike against the leader earlier today. [WaPo]

• Norway’s third-largest newspaper published an incendiary cartoon about circumcision that involved a blood-soaked Torah and a rabbi with a devil’s pitchfork. [ToI]

• In case you missed it, one lucky(?) hitchhiker on Martha’s Vineyard got to take a long car ride with Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Larry David. No, really. [NYMag]

• Was the former home of Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz illegally demolished? Some say yes. [Curbed]

• You wanna watch the new Mel Brooks ‘American Masters’ documentary for free on the internet? Of course you do. Jewcy has the deets. [Jewcy]

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