Neil Diamond.(Wikimedia)
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Sundown: Presidents Join to Honor Bush 43

Plus Neil Diamond to donate ‘Sweet Caroline’ profits to Boston victims

Adam Chandler
April 25, 2013
Neil Diamond.(Wikimedia)

• All the living presidents gathered today for the dedication of George W. Bush’s Presidential Library and Museum on the campus of Southern Methodist University near Dallas, Texas. [NYT]

• Neil Diamond has pledged to donate royalties from his hit song ‘Sweet Caroline,’ the adopted anthem of the Boston Red Sox, to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. [JTA]

• Nerds win: Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner apologized for an anachronism in the most recent episode in which the character Joan Harris claimed she made reservations at the restaurant Le Cirque, which didn’t exist in 1968. [Vulture]

• Jewcy reports on the fake charity Adopt a Jewish Mother, which would presumably do some good work. Right? [Jewcy]

• Daniel Bonner has an essay in The Eye about what it’s like to be an Orthodox Jewish student at an Ivy League school. An elucidating read. [The Eye]

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