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Sundown: ‘Weiner On a Roll’

Plus, Sabra throwdown, seperation of shul and state, and more

Dan Klein
March 31, 2011

Jason Diamond really likes Sabra Hummus. [Jewcy]

There are many good things about Israel the U.S. should emulate; this is not one of them. [NYT]

Former secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld said in an interview that he opposes releasing Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, proving that Likud and Neocons are the same once and for all. [JPost]

Hillel? There’s an App for that. [Jewishnewmedia]

From the very first line this article is problematic, but it is also the most in-depth discussion about the sources behind the rumors of Gaddafi’s Jewish heritage. [AOL]

Not that it matters one way or the other: There were Jews in Libya, once. And they made delicious food. [Atlantic]

You may not like Anthony Weiner, but you gotta admit he is really funny.