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Sundown: Iranian Commander Killed in Lebanon

Plus, the Silverman sisters are still the bomb

Natalie Schachar
February 13, 2013
Men´s Section of the Kotel ((infliv/Creative Commons))
Men´s Section of the Kotel ((infliv/Creative Commons))

• General Hassan Shateri of Iran´s Revolutionary Guard has been killed in Lebanon. Details are still largely unknown, but Shateri was in charge of Iranian forces in Lebanon and oversaw Iranian-backed reconstruction projects there. [The Washington Post]

• In other Lebanon related news, Bulgaria has asked Lebanese authorities to turn over the suspects who allegedly carried out the Burgas bus bombing last July. Bulgaria has also given the names of the suspects to Europol. [JTA]

• After Rabbi Susan Silverman was arrested for donning a prayer shawl and praying at the Kotel, her famously comedic sister Sarah gave her a hilarious shoutout on Twitter. [The Daily Beast]

• “Prisoner X,” who was recently identified as Ben Zygier of Australia, occupied the former prison cell of Yitzchak Rabin´s assasin at Ayalon Prison. The cell is said to have been designed to intentionally drive inmates to commit suicide. [TOI]

• Happiness and Money: A labor educator and financial coach talks about how they relate, once and for all. [The Billfold]

Natalie Schachar is an editorial intern at Tablet. A recent graduate of Barnard College, she has written for the Times of Israel, The Atlantic, The Argentina Independent and Lilith Magazine.

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