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Sundown: The Obama Push for Peace Continues

Israel takes another small step toward Haredi conscription

Adam Chandler
May 23, 2013
Loren Wohl.(RCRDLBL)
Loren Wohl.(RCRDLBL)

• As President Obama folded Israeli-Palestinian peace into his counterterrorism strategy speech today, Secretary of State John Kerry warned Israelis that prosperity had made peace less of a priority. [ToI]

• A bill requiring military service for young Haredi Israelis will be debated next week in the Knesset after a panel advanced the measure today. This should go smoothly. [JTA]

• Jillian Scheinfeld does great work in her interview with Loren Wohl, the Borscht-Belt-born, 24-year-old photographer to the stars. [Jewcy]

• Forget it Jackie, it’s Trumptown. 87-year-old Jacqueline Goldberg lost her court case against Donald Trump in which she alleged that she had been the victim of a bait-and-switch scheme. Goldberg sought $6 million in damages. [AP]

• Jeffrey Goldberg implores people to stop making lists of Jews–good or bad. He may have a point, y’know? [Bloomberg]

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