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Sundown: Turkey, Iran Dip Into Syrian Uprising

Plus Bar Refaeli wants to make a sex tape

Adam Chandler
October 03, 2012
A Turkish Jet at Konyo Air Force Base(AP)
A Turkish Jet at Konyo Air Force Base(AP)

• After a Syrian mortal shell killed five Turkish civilians in a border town, Turkey fired back at targets in Syria. What this means for the potential involvement–of which Turkey is a member–remains unknown. [NYT]

• The Times in London is reporting that Iran has transferred some $10 billion to the Assad regime in Syria in support of its continued fight against the 18-month-old uprising. Meanwhile, the Iranian rial hit a new low this week, plunging another 13%. [YNet]

• Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore writes on what it means to be Jewish in China and how the public perception of Jews is both complimentary and dangerous at the same time. [NYT]

• Jesse David Fox writes on the new Barbra Streisand-Seth Rogen collaboration in the upcoming flick “The Guilt Trip” about a Jewish mother and son. [Vulture]

• Jewcy reports on Bar Refaeli, who is the subject of a satirical video in which she offers to make a sex tape for the right price. [Jewcy]

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