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Sundown: U.S. to Arm Syrian Rebels?

Plus Houston bomb threats, Haim, and Marc Meron

Adam Chandler
May 02, 2013
Marc Maron(NPR)
Marc Maron(NPR)

• Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the Obama administration is reconsidering arming the Syrian rebels, the highest administration official to say so. [AP]

• Bomb threats against two synagogues in Houston caused shul events to be canceled as well as heightened security around most Jewish venues in Houston. The synagogues plan to operate normally this weekend. [JTA]

• Activists in Syria are claiming that pro-Assad gunman carried out a massacre today in a village near the coast. Estimates range between 50-100 killed. [ToI/AP]

• Comedian and podcast guru Marc Maron is finally having his moment, well, at least according to the AP. Let’s hope it’s true. [AP]

• Jillian Scheinfeld interviews one of the sisters from Haim, an LA rock band on the rise. Read the words and have a listen to one of their songs. It will make you cooler. [Jewcy]

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