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Tablet Magazine Celebrates One Year

These are a few of our favorite things, part 4

Unknown Author
June 07, 2010

Tuesday marks Tablet Magazine’s one-year anniversary, and in the run-up, we’re remembering our ten favorite articles from the past 12 months. Herewith, your fourth of four installments. In no particular order …

“Blessed Bluegrass” by Jon Kalish, December 7, 2009. In this Vox Tablet podcast—one of those that won Tablet Magazine a National Magazine Award—Jon Kalish profiles Jerry Wicentowski, the Orthodox bluegrass player who won’t play on Shabbat.

“Song Cycle” by Liel Leibovitz, May 10, 2010.. On another Vox Tablet, Leibovitz takes a look at the many versions and meanings of “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav.”

“It Oughta Be Kosher” by Marc Tracy, April 1, 2010.. A bonus! In our favorite Scroll post, Tracy considers whether cookie dough oughtn’t be considered pesadik.

Do you have other favorites? List ‘em in the comments …

These articles are not currently attributed to anyone. We’re working on it!