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Tablet’s Future of Jewish Food Panel

Some highlights from our event this weekend

The Editors
October 17, 2012
Mile End's Smoked Meat Sandwich(HowFreshEats)
Mile End's Smoked Meat Sandwich(HowFreshEats)

For those of you who missed out, last weekend we hosted an event with Mile End Deli and ABC Home on the Future of Jewish Food.

The event featured some nosh, some drink, and some conversation with many of the leading deli-masters, restauranteurs, and food writers in the country. From the east coast to the west, the James Beard Foundation to Joan Nathan, Time Magazine to Time Out, and Saul’s Deli to Mile End, everyone left full in mind and spirit (and definitely body).

We’ve got some excellent footage of the event here. Check it out (especially if you’re hungry) and, for those of you who are broken up about missing this weekend’s event, just be sure to catch our next one!

From the editors of Tablet Magazine.