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Tablet’s Top 10 Stories for 2018

Our annual, entirely subjective list

The Scroll
December 21, 2018
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Tablet Top 10: An entirely subjective list, presented in no particular order, of our 10 favorite articles from Tablet’s Arts & Culture and News & Politics sections in 2018. “Favorite” here means somewhere at the nexus of these pieces’ intrinsic merits and the measurable ways that readers engaged with them. If you caught them when they came out, they bear re-reading. If you missed them, you’re in for a treat. We featured them, two a day, this week. Now, for your reading convenience, we’ve compiled them all in one place on the handy list below so you can peruse at your holiday leisure.


Monday: Two epic voyages: one to Israel and fate, and one to the tiny enclave of Mountain Jews that produced some of the post-Soviet world’s richest men.

Tuesday: Two fictions of aggression: the best Yiddish story ever written about a pogrom, and anger management in a Vancouver restaurant.

Wednesday: Two controversial men, in revealing profiles: George Soros and Jordan Peterson.

Thursday: Two epic Holocaust tragicomedies: The astonishing fabrications of the Walter Mitty of Hungary, and the unshakable legacy of abuse in survivor families.

Friday: Two glimpses into the Jewish past: a last conversation with Aharon Appelfeld, and a trip to Kiev’s Vernadsky library.

Happy 2019, from all of us at Tablet.

Tablet’s afternoon newsletter edited by Jacob Siegel.