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The Juice on Jewcy: Passover Cometh

On our sister site, RBG reigns supreme, Adrian Grenier sports a kippah, and the Beyoncé-Pesach Internet mash-up you can’t unsee

Gabriela Geselowitz
April 06, 2017
Beyonce / Facebook
Beyoncé in Manchester, England, July 5, 2016.Beyonce / Facebook
Beyonce / Facebook
Beyoncé in Manchester, England, July 5, 2016.Beyonce / Facebook

It’s been a stressful time for Jewcy. When I launched Jewish Celebrity March Madness, I underestimated just how intense it would be to run an elaborate popularity contest for 64 iconic Members of the Tribe. By Round 2, I privately put the odds at about 3-1 on Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I should have put actual money on it but I couldn’t find a bookie to take the wager; she crushed it, in the end.

It was also rough seeing the mighty fall. Fortunately, it’s a totally arbitrary, made-up contest and we still have all our faves. And sometimes they have each other! Take Mayim Bialik, who’s friends with Rachel Bloom who was roommates with Ilana Glazer who’s distantly related to Abbi Jacobson: Jewish geography isn’t just for your camp friends.

This week, Jewcy didn’t cover Adrian Grenier’s bizarre Israeli commercial. But it’s still worth a watch. The best moment, other than him self-consciously donning a kippah, happens when he pronounces “Pesach.” Either they had a great dialect coach on set or he spent enough time around Jeremy Piven and picked up a Jewish phrase or two.

Since Mr. Grenier isn’t quite doing it for me, I’m gearing up for the incipient holiday with my celebrity of choice: Queen Bey. The Beyonceder is a pop cultural mashup that won’t make you cringe like the fifty-five Hamilton-themed Purim spiels I had to deal with last month. And that’s a true holiday miracle.

See you at Jewcy!

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