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Watch The Most Jewish Performance Ever on A TV Game Show

Let no one tell you a quality Jewish education doesn’t have practical applications

Yair Rosenberg
October 18, 2019

The Jewish holidays are in full swing, and there is no better way to celebrate the season than by watching this recent episode of an Australian quiz show.

I see you have questions.

Meet Hard Quiz, Australia’s more entertaining version of Jeopardy. Its twist on typical game shows is that it doesn’t interrogate its contestants about random trivia. Instead, Hard Quiz tests each one’s mastery of their own chosen area of expertise. At the outset, every contestant picks a favorite topic—from K-Pop to professional rugby—and the show’s expert researchers then try to stump them in their own wheelhouse.

This is how Seraphya Berrin, a modern Orthodox Jew living in Melbourne, found himself on national television being quizzed about Jewish holidays and crushing the competition. (Full disclosure: we were elementary school classmates.) Sporting a yarmulke and sandals, Berrin fielded queries about everything from Sukkot to kapparot, editorializing and bantering about Judaism along the way.

“Your expert subject is Jewish holidays,” opens the host, Tom Gleeson, “there are heaps of them, is that because you’re lazy?” It only gets better from there. Come for the questions any semi-attentive Hebrew school graduate could crack, stay for the ridiculous riddles about obscure legumes consumed on Lag Ba’Omer. And let no one tell you a quality Jewish education doesn’t have practical applications.

Watch the highlights below:

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