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Your ‘Burnt Books’ Offering

A mail art exposition

The Editors
October 15, 2010

Rodger Kamenetz’s Burnt Books drops next Tuesday, and in the lead-up, Nextbook Press is asking you to mail us your art on the “Burnt Books” theme (who says we don’t need the Postal Service?). Many of the books burnt in Kamenetz’s book are, of course, literally ignited (like the work of Franz Kafka). But our theme is a bit more figurative: The book may be burning (literally made of light not paper, online, eBooks etc.. ) yet it is not consumed by the flame; it is transformed, reincarnated, rejuvenated.

So, take your best shot! Send us your work, and we will exhibit it online and, possibly, physically, in New York City. Details here.

From the editors of Tablet Magazine.