Mardean Isaac, the author of Lucian’s Education, writes fiction and essays.

Master of the Double Exile

The late Iraqi Israeli novelist Samir Naqqash was forever torn between competing loyalties. An English translation of ‘Tenants and Cobwebs,’ his portrait of 1940s Baghdad, shows him to be the tragic chronicler of the uprooting of Iraqi Jews.


Kurdistan and Israel

Kurdistani Jews are caught between the Jewish state and the ethnonationalist ambitions of its Middle Eastern neighbors


Is the Lost Language of Iraqi Jews Really Lost?

On the anniversary of the Farhud of 1941, when Iraqi Jews’ violent dispossession began, a look at how the Baghdadi diaspora’s eventual return to Israel fostered scholarly interest in a rich Babylonian heritage


Turkey’s Genocide of the Assyrians Was an Islamist Crime

A century after the start of a bloody persecution, will a genocide come to be recognized for what it was?

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