Secretary of State Clinton in Vietnam today.(Brendan Smialowski/AFP/GettyImages)

• Many U.S. officials, including its top two diplomats, are making trips to Israel over the next two weeks. Hrmm. [Al Monitor Back The Back Channel]

• At a memorial for Herzl, President Shimon Peres, that old Mapainik, warned that settlement construction will “jeopardize the Jewish majority in Israel.” [Haaretz]

• Great profile by Naomi Zeveloff of arguably the world’s strongest woman—an Orthodox ten-year-old from New Jersey. “Supergirl.” [Forward]

• Christopher Hitchens, still managing to crank ‘em out, touches on George Orwell’s latent, mild anti-Semitism in this introduction to a forthcoming volume of Orwell’s journals. [VF]

• In Jerusalem, a sign of Muslim-Jewish co-existence at a hospital. [IHT]

• Who broke the Hollywood blacklist? First and foremost, it may have been the great Jewish director Otto Preminger (who also turns in an amazing performance as the Nazi camp head in Billy Wilder’s Stalag 17, but anyway). [Adam Holland]

The first anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death is coming up, and her family will light a yahrzeit candle.