Ed Koch last year.(JP Yim/Getty Images)

• “Ed Koch is the only living person with a New York City bridge named after him.” And he is himself a New York City landmark. [Forward]

• Particularly as we talk about evacuations of outposts, it’s useful and necessary to remember that—and within, shall we say, a far different context—Palestinians lose their homes too, all the time. [NPR]

• Woody Allen won’t make a movie in Israel and indeed has never visited Israel, basically because he’s a close-minded neurotic, which we already knew. [Forward Thinking]

• Richard Brody comments on the film stars—including Greta Garbo from Ninotchka!—of whom Anne Frank posted pictures to the wall in the annex. [New Yorker The Front Row]

• Want a kosher Dodger Dog? Tough luck. Seriously they should just come back to Brooklyn. [Jewish Journal]

• You’ll be shocked to learn that Greek’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party continues to behave like a thuggish fascist outfit. [NYT]