It’s almost been a week since Benjamin Netanyahu secured his third term as the Israeli Prime Minister and his phone hasn’t rung. Bibi stands at the window, plaintively watching the snowfall in Rehavia, a glass of Arak in hand, waiting for that call to say “Hey big guy, job well done.”

Then the time passes. 48 hours, then 72. It becomes clear that Yair Lapid will not block Bibi’s coalition and he is set. But no word still. Shabbas falls, the new week rises. Nary a peep from beyond the 972.

Finally on Monday, the phone rings! Is it Palau? The Czech Republic? Maybe a coconut basket delivery from the Marshall Islands?

No, my friends, it’s Barack.

The phone call between the two leaders took place five days after the election results were published. So far, Obama is the only foreign leader to call and congratulate Netanyahu.

For those remaining skeptics about the durability of the special relationship, I leave you with this:

Obama calls Netanyahu to congratulate him on election success [Haaretz]