Bar Refaeli and Jay Leno(USAToday)

If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl (or read The Scroll for the past week), you may not have heard about the Super Bowl ad for the internet hosting company GoDaddy.com that featured Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli (very audibly) making out with Jesse Heiman, an actor typecast solely for his nerdly looks.

Well, the uproar was grand: the commercial was voted “Worst Ad” by many people who vote on things like Super Bowl commercials and even Rabbi Shmuley Boteach weighed in, calling the ad sexist and bad for Israel (forget that the ad was put together by a Jewish woman).

So style points aside, the only measure for the ad’s success is whether or not it actually bolstered business for GoDaddy.com. And according to Mashable, it did.

The company on Tuesday reported that the Monday after the game was its biggest sales day in company history. The company provided Mashable with the following stats that illustrate a big increase over the comparable day in 2012:

Hosting sales jumped 45%.

Dot-com domain sales rose 40%.

New mobile customers increased by 35%.

The company added 10,000 customers in total.

Whither Bar Refaeli? Last night she went on Leno, where she recreated the infamous commercial at Leno’s request. Except when Leno was about to kiss her, Jesse Heiman stepped in.

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