Louis Vuitton flagship store in Tel Aviv, Israel.(LouisVuitton.com)

Welcome to Tel Aviv, Louis Vuitton. The luxury leather goods purveyor opened its first store in Israel, located in the Ramat Aviv mall in Tel Aviv. The Jerusalem Post has an in-depth look at the pricey products available (the brand’s signature handbags run in the two- and three- thousands and a wallet could set you back as much as $1,330), but the flagship store should be right at home at 40 Einstein St. With its sky-high rent prices (a reported $1,804 per square meter in 2010), Ramat Aviv mall is the most expensive mall in Israel and the 35th most-expensive shopping destination in the world.

And there’s even more good news for LV lovers in the Holy Land: the store will be open on Saturdays, “from Shabbat’s end to 23:00.”

Louis Vuitton’s bags to riches make aliyah – just in time for the Israeli summer [Jerusalem Post]