Tunnel reportedly dug by Hamas from the Gaza Strip towards Kibbutz Ein Hashloshah. (IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

Israeli troops have discovered another tunnel leading from the Gaza Strip into Israel, JTA reports, and this one is believed to be the largest tunnel discovered to date. A 1.5-mile long tunnel stocked with explosives was discovered and dismantled in October.

Israeli officials announced the discovery of the tunnel on Thursday, saying that it was dug by Hamas in order to get inside Israel and carry out a terrorist attack.

“We are still handling it but it may the biggest we’ve found so far,” the officer said, adding the the tunnel stretched hundreds of yards into Israel territory.

Photos of the tunnel show Israeli soldiers walking comfortably inside a seven-foot tall structure with concrete walls and a curved ceiling.

The tunnel was dug from the southern Gaza Strip in the direction of Kibbutz Ein Hashloshah.

Hamas maintained that the tunnel had been out of use since late last year, a claim Israeli officials denied.