A Comedian’s Guide to Making Hanukkah Gelt

Eliot Glazer's golden-dusted chocolate confections actually look pretty good

By Stephanie Butnick|December 17, 2014 11:37 AM

Vice’s Munchies video series has some occasional gems, and the first installation of their Hanukkah Spectacular! [1] is one of them. I mean that literally: the video features comedian Eliot Glazer [2] making gold-painted chocolate gelt, the truest Hanukkah gem of all.

“I’m definitely one of these people who says, ‘I’m a cultural Jew, I identify culturally,'” Glazer, who’s the brother of Broad City [3] star Ilana Glazer [4], admits, “which basically just means I’m Jewish for the food.”

Still, he makes some good gelt—and shows how easy it is to ditch the ubiquitous netted bags of aluminum-wrapped chocolate and DIY the Hanukkah treat instead. He’s not the only one moving away from the stale, store-bought variety. Last year Marjorie Ingall highlighted [5] several new gelt purveyors hawking innovative offerings that not only promote fair trade and ethical manufacturing but look pretty and taste delicious. (I may be biased; that’s me reaching for a handful of glam coins in the picture [5].)

But Glazer’s gelt-making, which involves a fair amount of cursing and Hanukkah wishes for Golden Girls marathons, is way more fun. As he not-so-delicately paints his chocolate creations with edible gold dust, he explains, “When it comes to painting, just kind of think of yourself as Bob Ross, but with a bigger afro, because you’re Jewish today.”

His golden gelt complete, Glazer leaves us with these final word of wisdom: “Don’t eat too much or you’ll get diarrhea.” Dayenu.

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