Today on #TrumpWatch, Donald John Trump goes after his presumed opponent in the presidential election: Hillary Clinton. It’s something he’s done before, of course, but this time he’s done it in pure Internet style, curating a Vine-like ad to show how unfit Clinton is to lead America against opponents like Russia and ISIS, I guess.

Politically speaking, there are many ways to attack an opponent, and it often gets ugly. Candidates’ records on say, foreign policy, get stomped on all the time. Missteps are uncovered. And so on. But Trump didn’t go for any of that in his new Instagram ad that works to smear Hillary Clinton. In it, the Democratic frontrunner is portrayed as a barking dog incapable of handling ISIS or Vladimir Putin, whose smug mug laughs at the prospect of Clinton in charge of the U.S.A.

Is this what we want for a President?

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Gotta hand it to Donald, he sure knows how to use the Internet to make us laugh, or cringe and fume.

Apparently, Trump made this ad to make sure he’s respected. To make sure America is respected again, great again:

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