Following a Monday Washington Post story about President Trump allegedly sharing highly classified information with Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador—which the president himself appeared to acknowledge in a series of tweets—The New York Times today reported that Israel was the source for some of that top-level intel. The substance of this information is still somewhat unclear, though The Wall Street Journal is reporting that it could have to do with ISIS’s “ability to build sophisticated explosives that could evade aviation-security measures to be placed on aircraft” according to officials.

This story comes a day after a senior member of Trump’s staff, who is a part of the team preparing for the president’s visit to Israel next week, told Israeli officials that the Western Wall is “not your territory. It’s part of the West Bank,” according to an Israeli television station. Trump plans to visit the Kotel, which would make him the first U.S. president to ever do so. He will reportedly visit the Western Wall without any Israeli leaders, including Benjamin Netanyahu.