With the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the news again thanks to Donald Trump’s symbolic pronouncement on Jerusalem, many unsuspecting individuals across the political divide are being reintroduced to the way Israel-Palestine can infect every aspect of the discourse. What starts as a position on that specific geopolitical conflict too often devolves into blanket judgement on all Israelis, all Palestinians, all Muslims, all Jews, and so on. Social media conversations about Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot are derailed into flame wars over terrorism and settlements. Appreciations of Pink Floyd turn into referendums on Roger Waters and BDS.

Into this fray, the site Clickhole has boldly tread, offering a satirical send-up of those partisans who insist on poisoning every conversation remotely connected to Israelis and Palestinians. Titled “Americans Try Israeli Snacks (NOTE: THIS IS NEITHER AN ENDORSEMENT NOR CONDEMNATION OF ISRAEL),” it’s a reminder: don’t be that guy.