Gates and Barak, yesterday.(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

• “Hezbollah has far more rockets and missiles than most governments,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates said yesterday before meeting with Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak at the Pentagon. [JPost]

• Arguments took place over former Agriprocessors head Sholom Rubashkin’s sentencing for bank fraud charges. Federal prosecutors’ request for life have struck many legal experts as excessive. [NYT]

• A leaked State Department memo found that officials in Damascus have no idea how actually to impose the United States’s economic sanctions on Syria. [WP]

• Egypt convicted 26 alleged Hezbollah operatives for planning to commit terrorism against tourists passing through the Suez Canal and to smuggle weapons into Gaza. [WSJ]

• Speaking of which, Egypt gassed four smugglers then in tunnels under the Gaza border to death. It is not clear if it was poison gas or crowd-dispersal gas, which caused them to suffocate. [AP/Yahoo!]

• One of the last living prosecutors at the Nuremberg trials, a Navy officer named Whitney Harris, died at 97. [NYT]