Tzipi Livni, the leader of the main Israeli opposition party, Kadima, came under fire from some activists in her party for her “exaggerated demonstration of support for the homosexual and lesbian community.” Kadima—which aims for the political center, to the left of the ruling Likud Party but to the right of traditionally left-wing Labor—“should position itself in the center and right of the political map,” the activists argued, and supporting gay rights works against that.

Livni had wanted to personally launch next month’s Gay Pride parade in Tel Aviv. But the activists alleged that “such conduct may create the wrong impression that Kadima is shifting to the left, and this may distance the party from its main target audience.”

Really, though, this is a good excuse to point out (as Eli Valley helpfully did) that the ad that went along with Ynet’s article last night is, well, below.

Ah, the free market comes through again. Point being—and honest American conservatives would likely have the same advice for these Kadima activists—if you are against gay advancement, then the last thing you want to do is bring the issue up.

Kadima Activists Slam Livni Support for Gays [Ynet]