Wieseltier Joins the Fray

Cameron condemns, Abbas has a prize, and more flotilla reax

By Marc Tracy|June 3, 2010 4:00 PM

• Leon Wieseltier’s opening quip says it all: “Operation Make the World Hate Us, it might have been called.” [TNR [1]]

• David Cameron, the new Tory British prime minister, calls for an end to the Gaza blockade. [JPost [2]]

• Elliott Abrams accuses the Obama administration of abandoning Israel to the United Nations “lynch mob.” [Weekly Standard [3]]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu’s full defense of the raid. [Ben Smith [5]]

• Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of “state terrorism”; renamed the upcoming Palestine Investment Conference the “Conference of Freedom” (remember, it was the “Freedom Flotilla”); and gave all the flotilla activists Palestinian citizenship. [JPost [6]]

• An essay bemoans the raid but reasserts support for the blockade. [NYT [7]]

• Columnist Nick Kristof urges President Obama to speak out against the blockade, for the sake of both Israeli and American interests. [NYT [8]]

• While ceding the stupidity of the raid, Michael Rubin argues that Israel’s relationship with one-time ally Turkey had already frayed, and that this was the deliberate doing of Prime Minister Erdogan. [Forward [9]]

• I have a feeling Gideon Levy’s comparison of Netanyahu to Ben-Gurion is a wee bit sarcastic. [Haaretz [10]]

• Former President Jimmy Carter defends the Gaza blockade and the raid. Not! [AP/Vos Iz Neias? [11]]

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