Sundown: Bad Bedfellows

Plus Obama says Turkish arms sales are safe, and more

By Marc Tracy|August 16, 2010 5:00 PM

• A Hamas official vaguely endorses Park51; the New York Post goes large with it. [Ben Smith [1]]

• Obama “emphatically denied” warning Turkey that its continued pro-Palestinian activism and opposition to Iran sanctions could threaten weapons sales. [Laura Rozen [2]]

• Where would Park51 actually be located? Opinions differ! [The Awl [3]]

• The Movement for Progressive Judaism, a Reform outfit, asked Israeli President Shimon Peres to intervene regarding chief Sephardic rabbi Shlomo Amar’s anti-Reform invective [5]. [Ynet [6]]

• IHH, the Turkish charity that backed the Flotilla, praised the founding of a new, Hamas-aligned Gaza-based militant group. [JPost [7]]

• Carl Levin, the Jewish Democratic senator from Michigan, was hit with a pie in the face by a student named Ahlam Mohsen at a Big Rapids event. [The Detroit News [8]]


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