Ross (L) earlier this month with Defense Minister Ehud Barak.(Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv via Getty Images)

• Dennis Ross, President Obama’s National Security Council Mideast point-man, is in Israel trying to solve the settlement freeze conundrum in advance of next week’s planned talks. (Bonus! Shmuel Rosner agrees with everyone else and says the talks won’t produce anything any time soon.) [Laura Rozen]

• Start-up nation’s entrepreneurial track record is not nearly as good once the start-up phase is completed. [WSJ]

• Egypt has begun building its first nuclear power plant, pretty much exactly as Mideast columnist Lee Smith foresaw. [AP/JPost]

• The strongly pro-Israel American group Z Street sued the IRS, alleging it was denied tax-exempt status out of political motivations. [Laura Rozen]

• Steve Stern, author of The Frozen Rabbi (first serialized in these virtual pages), talks about his novel. [The Jewish Star]

• There’s a new, Bizarro Version of the Walt/Mearsheimer book called The Arab Lobby coming out. [Dave Weigel]

I’m aware this is a Jewish magazine (yes I got that memo), but in the spirit of ecumenicism, here is Lyle Lovett and his Large Band singing “Church.”