Funeral for the four slain Jewish settlers.(Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images)

• After Hamas claimed responsibility for killing four Israelis (and promised further attacks), the Palestinian Authority proceeded on one of its largest-ever arrestings. [Haaretz]

• Thomas Friedman predicts that extremist efforts to thwart peace, from Rabbi Yosef’s comments about Palestinians to yesterday’s attack, are only going to get worse. [NYT]

• U.S. envoy George Mitchell spoke cryptically about the peace process last night but maintained the administration’s one-year goal. [Laura Rozen]

• President Obama is trying to deal with Iran, Iraq, and Israel-Palestine all at once, under the theory and hope that winning one will beget winning in the others. [NYT]

• Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who will be at the Washington, D.C., banquet tonight, laid out a vision of strong Egyptian participation in the upcoming series of talks. [NYT]

• Jeff Greene, the Jewish Florida Senate candidate who lost last week, is suing two local papers for libel relating to stories about his his wild life in L.A. [NYT]