Pavel Goberman.(Facebook)

After taking stock of Pavel Goberman, the fitness-obsessed and apparently party-less candidate to unseat (Jewish) Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), I noticed that the man himself quickly weighed in in the comments (something, by the way, that I encourage all of my subjects to do): “I do not see who is better than me could help this nation,” the Russian-born health guru wrote. “I’m a Candidate for US Repres. 1st Congressional District, Oregon.” (So, then, not for the Senate?) “I promise to create a few millions jobs, balance budget, save country a few billions dollars on the health care, improve traffics on hiways and cities and etc. [sic].”

I emailed Goberman through his Website asking him to clarify a few things (including whether he is Jewish). Below, his abridged response [sic again]:

For economic, political and security benefits of the USA, Israel and all world, I’m running for the public office.

My civil and human rights were violated here in the USA. We have here judicial tyranny, no justice. …

German Fascists killed my parents in 1941, and Jewish Fascist (Jewish Federation and JCC) in Portland, Oregon killed my election as a Candidate for US Senator in the Primary 2008. Refused to invite me and kicked out from it’s property. What a Jewish garbage. They are playing Jews.

Iran is a great treat for the USA and Israel. Many organizations as Unions, Pension Funds and others in Oregon and in the USA, are investing big money in Iran, making it much stronger. It is a suicide. Where are Senators Wyden, Schumer and others? They do not care: they got big money from unions and etc. What an idiots, political trash, the public enemies. And many narrow minded people are voting for them.

Also I’m running for the public office because no one elected official in US government and no one candidate could benefits this and other nations than me.

Among other things, I’m going to take it as a “yes” on the Jewish part.

But if Goberman really wanted to win, he would consult the comment that immediately followed his, from “Ben from Oregon”: “Pavel, this is not Russia where you can create out of thin air jobs, such as yebtas [sic] sweeping streets. Legalize pot and then I will vote for you.”

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