Happy Veterans Day.(Wikipedia)

• Hamas and Fatah, meeting in Damascus, said they could not overcome disagreements over security (Fatah will not share it in the West Bank) and had not succeeded at their own version of peace talks. [JPost]

• As for the other peace talks, the Obama administration is working frantically to try to revive them. [NYT]

• According to Scotland Yard, at least one of the bombs addressed to a Chicago-area synagogue would have blown up inflight over the American East Coast. [LAT]

• Egypt cooperated with Israel’s assassination of a terrorist in Gaza who was planning an attack on U.S. interests in the Sinai Peninsula. [Time]

• A Brooklyn rabbi was convicted yesterday of trying to extort $4 million from a Jewish-run hedge fund. [NY Post]

• The United States blocked Iran’s effort to get a seat on the board of a new U.N. group dedicated to gender equality. Our stomachs are grateful. [NYT]

Today is Veterans Day. Go hug a veteran.