Iranian negotiaor Saeed Jalili and E.U. foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.(Anja Niedringhaus/AFP/Getty Images)

• The Iranian nuclear talks in Geneva concluded with another meeting next month scheduled … and nothing else concretely accomplished. [LAT]

• Also in Geneva, Israeli and Turkish diplomats are near to finalizing a deal that will fully restore diplomatic ties. [Haaretz]

• Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren points to the firefighting aid Israel received from both friends and adversaries as proof that cooperation is possible in the Mideast. [LAT]

• After being shown Israeli intelligence, the United States urged Arab countries not to go along with Iranian smuggling to Hezbollah and Hamas, a WikiLeaks cable reveals. [Haaretz]

• WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange turned himself over to British authorities over charges of sexual coercion. [NYT]

• Director Claude Lanzmann, 85, discusses the re-release of his masterpiece, Shoah. “I dislike deeply Schindler’s List, for many reasons,” he says. [NYT]