Neil Diamond.(Wikipedia)

I will be on vacation, and The Scroll will be in the capable and hilarious hands of Dan Klein for the next week-plus. Give him your love!

• Stuxnet: “Nearly as effective as a military strike.” Score one for Israel whoever made the virus. [JPost via Goldblog]

• Hussein Agha and Robert Malley write a pre-emptive obituary for the peace process. [IHT]

• Speaking of obituaries: Can I say that having a regular column (soon-to-be-blog!) on prominent Jews who have just died is a brilliant idea? I am jealous, and can’t wait to RSS. [The Eulogizer]

• Timothy Snyder on Shoah. [NYRB]

• A Jew will enter the Bush clan. Not just any Bush: Lauren! And not just any Jew: A Lauren! (Wait, is her name going to be Lauren Lauren?) [JTA]

• I don’t get the joke in this post—what could possibly be snarky about saying that Neil Diamond rocks?—but congrats to a new entrant in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. [Jewcy]

My favorite Neil Diamond song.