Tehran today. Photo may not be AFP because there is an official ban on foreign media outlets covering the protests.(-/AFP/Getty Images)

• Anti-government protests in Tehran. [WP]

• Hussein Agha and Robert Malley argue that the Egyptian Revolution heralds the rebirth of Arab consciousness. [WP]

• Gentiles signing ketubahs at their weddings? Must be a Times trend-piece! [NYT]

• A surreal scene-piece from 1989 (authored by presidential beat reporter Maureen Dowd) in which President George H. W. Bush takes President Hosni Mubarak to a Baltimore Orioles game at the old Memorial Stadium. [NYT]

• The guide to Birthright sex. Registration’s tomorrow, guys! [Jewlicious]

• A Google executive essentially leads the Egyptian Revolution, and also Google teams up with Yad Vashem to make searching archives for videos, documents, and other artifacts easier. What can’t it do!? [NYT]

• Crown Heights: Where the hipsters and the Hasidim get along. [Jewcy]

You know who kinda sucks? The Arcade Fire. You know who doesn’t? Bruce.