The Saudi foreign minister today.(Fayez Nureldine/AFP/Getty Images)

• Saudi Arabia police are using live rounds against Shiite protesters. [AP/USA Today]

• “The current Israeli government has become a source of embarrassment to many liberal American Jews,” opines New York Jewish Week editor-in-chief Gary Rosenblatt. “More creative ways must be found to convince the world, starting with American Jews, that Jerusalem really wants a two-state solution before the option becomes moot.” [NY Jewish Week]

• If you can figure out exactly what Shimon Peres is saying about Muammar Gaddafi and John Galliano, you know him better than I do. [Ynet]

• Ilan Stavans expands on his thoughts on the late Brazilian author Moacyr Scliar. [Forward]

Résistant Stéphane Hessel, 93, born half-Jewish in Berlin, writes leftist pamphlet that some have called anti-Semitic based on what it says about the Israeli-Palestinian situation. The pamphlet, “Indignez-Vous!” is a best-seller. Gotta love the French. [NYT]

• Jack Gottlieb, onetime assistant to Leonard Bernstein and composer in his own right, died at 80. [Jewish Theatre]

For Stephen Colbert, Lent is not that far removed from Judaism.

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