Secretary of State Clinton earliers this month.(Joshua Roberts - Pool/Getty Images)

• Secretary of State Clinton insisted she will not continue in her position should President Obama win a second term, and that she is not interested in any other government job, like, say, President Obama’s job. [Politico]

• President Abbas said it was unfair for Israeli officials to imply Palestinian culpability for the Fogel murders until the perpetrators are found. [JPost]

• What, they send weapons to Gaza? Iran denies it. [JTA]

• Urban Outfitters tries to bottle Israeli hipness in its newest ad campaign. [Ynet]

• The controversial play Imagining Madoff, which was going to open at Theater J in Washington, D.C., and then, controversially, didn’t, runs there in the fall. Will controversy ensue? [Washington City Paper]

• Torontoans (Torontonians?): There is an exhibit of work by Jewish women, including Tablet Magazine contributors Vanessa Davis and Sarah Lazarovic, in your fine, albeit Canadian, city. [Vista Art Network]

When Lou Reed’s manager wants to knock heads together, he threatens to send Israelis. Lou, he just quietly unleashes this.