(Eric Molinsky)

In 1966, Cokie Boggs, now National Public Radio’s senior news analyst, married Steve Roberts, now a journalist and public affairs professor. As the religious one in the partnership (she was raised and remains a devout Roman Catholic; he comes from a secular Jewish family), Cokie took it upon herself to study up on Jewish faith and practices. She also persuaded Steve’s parents to host their first ever Passover Seder. Now, Steve and Cokie have published the DIY Haggadah that they pulled together roughly 40 years ago.

On Monday’s podcast, Vox Tablet host Sara Ivry talks to Steve and Cokie Roberts about Passover’s unique ability to bridge the divide between Jews and Christians, past and present, and secular and religious—though when it comes to the question of Passover victuals, Cokie concedes that there remains much division and strife: