The two presidents, today.(Mark Neyman/GPO via Getty Images)

• The U.N. Human Rights Council will not revoke the Goldstone Report without a majority vote; Goldstone’s op-ed, it says, reflects merely his opinions, not his committee’s or the Council’s. [Ynet]

• President Shimon Peres met with President Obama at the White House. In addition to discussing Iran, the peace process, and Gilad Schalit, Peres asked Obama to free convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. [JPost]

• How Kabbalah—or, to be more precise, the sketchy Kabbalah Centre—helped ruin Madonna’s plans for a multimillion-dollar girls’ school in Malawi. [Newsweek]

• A dispatch from the Egypt-Gaza smuggling tunnels. [The Daily]

• The world has one deaf-blind acting troupe, and it’s Israeli. [JPost]

• Somebody sent a pig’s foot and an anti-Semitic note to Rep. Peter King, who recently chaired controversial hearings into homegrown Muslim radicalism and who, despite the surname and Long Island district, isn’t Jewish. [JTA]

Jake Gyllenhaal talking about the afikomen on Shalom Sesame? Jake Gyllenhaal talking about the afikomen on Shalom Sesame.