Israeli soldiers prepare to meet and board last year’s flotilla.(Pool/Getty images)

• This will likely be the biggest day for protests yet in Syria. [NYT]

• A report from the bitter clash on the streets of Tel Aviv between the leftist intellectuals who want a two-state plan and their counter-protesters. [NYT]

• Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, who has been imprisoned for 25 years, sent a letter to President Obama through President Shimon Peres asking for his release on Passover. [Ynet]

• Israel told the United Nations that the Gaza-bound flotilla prepared for a May launch has ties to “Hamas and other terrorist organizations.” [Haaretz]

• Prominent Israeli historian Tom Segev discusses how the Eichmann Trial 50 years ago altered Israeli perceptions of themselves. [LAT]

• This very brief profile of Prime Minister Netanyahu, written for Time’s annual “most influential people in the world” list, ain’t half-bad. [Time]