A joint Fatah-Hamas press conference today in Cairo.(Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images)

• Are Fatah and Hamas totally back together again? Maybe. More tomorrow. [NYT]

• Ambassador Michael Oren argues that the U.S.-Israeli special relationship remains crucial to American interests. Several folks, including contributing editor Jeff Goldberg and controversial professor Stephen Walt, respond. [Foreign Policy]

• An inside look at how the IDF creates its ethical rules. [JPost]

• Will the U.S. Senate get its first Jewish Tea Partier? Yes, if Adam Hasner, of Florida, has his way. [JTA]

• A new issue of the Jewish Review of Books dropped, with much attention given to the Arab spring, including a lead essay by Natan Sharansky. [JRB]

• Stay classy, pro-gun lobby. [HuffPo]

If it’s spring, it’s time for Chabad’s Mitzvah Tanks!