Eww.(L.A. Daily News)

• The world’s largest falafel ball is made, but you’re not even allowed to eat it! Stupid “health regulations.” [L.A. Daily News]

• Turns out some Nazi war criminals remain at large. Maybe. [Slate]

• Michael Tomasky says it is past time for the Obama administration to take a harsher stance against Syria’s Assad regime. [The Daily Beast]

• Careful there, Professor West. [Truthdig]

• Check out Jeopardy! tonight to watch a New Jersey rabbi—and friend of New Jersey Jewish News editor Andrew Silow-Carroll (whom it’s good to have back blogging after a month-long absence)—defend her title. [JustASC/JTA]

• Fred Malek analyzes the GOP field, counts no Jews. [The Hill]

What with Armageddon coming Saturday and all, Jewcy’s Jason Diamond has some advice for the Jews.