Schmuck.(NYT Lens)

• A new Apple app links to a site that has helped organized nonviolent, border-breaching protests against Israel. Information Minister Yuli Edelstein has asked Apple chief Steve Jobs to remove it. [AP/WP]

• Incredible photos of Germany’s invasion of the U.S.S.R., with pictures of everyone from the Führer to Jewish prisoners of war, have recently turned up. [Lens]

• H and H is closing its Broadway storefront. Ironically but inevitably, Upper West Siders will have to serve Zabar’s bagels during their shivahs. [WSJ]

• Allison Benedikt, author of that Awl piece that riled so many, responds to contributing editor Jeff Goldberg. [Goldblog]

• Israel approved the construction of 1200 new homes and 18 new schools in Gaza. [AP/WP]

• “I Married a Jew”: An essay about a taboo subject from the January 1939 Atlantic. And she’s German! A shande fur die Deutschmen! [Atlantic]

Sharon Kleinbaum, the rabbi and head of Beit Simchat Torah—the nation’s largest LGBT congregation—puts her arm around an ultra-Orthodox man during a gay marriage protest. Spitting ensues.