One of the last joint Fatah-Hamas appearances. The exasperated gentleman is from Fatah.(Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images)

• Fatah-Hamas reconciliation is dead in everything but name. [LAT]

• A lone ship from the original, thwarted flotilla—a vessel called the Dignity al-Karama carrying French, Swedish, and German citizens, as well as Arab and Israeli journalists—has left Greece and could reach Gaza today. [AP/WP]

• There is increasing willingness in the IDF and Justice Ministry to offer an actual apology to Turkey in order to resolve Israeli-Turkish enmity. [Haaretz]

• Although Prime Minister Netanyahu opposes it and it will (therefore) likely fail, supporters of a bill that would investigate left-wing human rights groups will try to push it through the Knesset this week. [Haaretz]

• Secretary of State Clinton chastised Turkey following reports that it has regressed on human rights and secularism. [AP/WP]

• A May bombing in Istanbul attributed to a Kurdish terrorist group was in fact, according to a new report, a Hezbollah attack directed against an Israeli envoy. [Haaretz]