President Abbas last month.(Thaer Ganaim/PPO via Getty Images)

• Having formally pledged to go the hardcore Security Council/independence route, the Palestinian Authority is now looking into watering down their U.N. actions next month. [Ynet]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu refused an entreaty from Secretary of State Clinton to apologize to Turkey. [Haaretz]

• Hosni Mubarak opined that Syrian President Assad should quit. Well, he would know! [Ynet]

• The young Israeli protesters think the cost of living should be lower. How expensive is it to live in Israel? [JTA]

• The semi-lost semi-Jews … of Kaifeng! (Ahem.) [WSJ]

• So Ralph Branca, the sorta-Jew. Is he Jewish? Alan Dershowitz, among others, weighs in, and further notes Sandy Koufax’s distinctively Jewish pitching style. [NYT]

Marv Levy, the only NFL coach to reach four straight Super Bowls (he lost all four), is now a novelist. Here’s some highlights from the second Super Bowl he lost: