A last Jew of Delhi.(Reuters/JI Daily)

Slate press critic Jack Shafer is something of a patron saint for The Scroll, having penned an essential piece on the genre of “hey-folks-we’ve-found-some-Jews-living-in-a-strange-place.” Yesterday, Slate announced that he and three other staffers were being laid off, apparently for economic reasons. As tribute, here are several of our favorite lost/last Jews pieces, from our pages and others’ from the last few years.

• The last Jews of … Tajikstan! [Tablet]

• The last Jews of … Cairo! [Tablet]

• The lost Jews of … Iquitos, Brazil! [Tablet]

• The lost Jews of … Uganda! [Tablet]

• The lost Jews of … Kenya! [Tablet]

• The last Jews of … Burma! [Moment]

• The last Jew (singular) of … Kabul! [MSNBC]

• The last Jew (singular) of … Boyle Heights, Los Angeles! (There are apparently still Jews in other parts of Los Angeles.) [LAT]

• The lost Jews of … Montana! [NYT]

• The last maybe-Jews of … Ecuador! [NYT]

• The lost Jews of … Indonesia! [NYT]

• The last Jews of … Kaifeng, China! (By Tablet senior editor Matthew Fishbane.) [NYT]

The last Jews of … Kaifeng, China! [WSJ]

• The last Jews of … Belfast, Ireland! [Forward]

• The last Jews of … Delhi! [Reuters/JI Daily]

• The last Jewish cowboys of … Argentina! [WP]

Jewspotting [Slate]