Wrong seat, bro.(Turtle Bay)

• N.B. to the Iranian diplomat who sat in Israel’s seat at the International Atomic Energy Agency: don’t pick up the USB drive that was on the chair. [Turtle Bay]

•In the latest kerfuffle regarding the planned Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance, the architects are threatening to quit because the Simon Wiesenthal Center was “nagging them to death.” These just write themselves. [JTA/Jewish Journal]

• Fascinating article on Qatar, which is tiny, and a monarchy, yet in many ways liberal, and yet able to project power, and also supportive of Hamas. [NYRB]

• The Coen Brothers are doing a TV comedy about a private detective in Hollywood. SPOILER ALERT: at one point, a bunch of money falls into the wrong hands. [The Hollywood Reporter]

• I didn’t see anything as ugly as this; the closest was a prima facie innocuous quote attributed to Henry Ford. But, yes, when you get a bunch of ragtag lefties together, much as when you get a bunch of ragtag right-wingers together, a few of them are probably going to be anti-Semites. (Not that that’s okay!) [The Corner]

• The Milwaukee Brewers play the decisive fifth game of their divisional series against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday evening. Do not expect Ryan Braun to Koufax. [Kaplan’s Korner]

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