Mayor Bloomberg and Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem today.(newyorkcitymayorsoffice/Flickr)

• In her new memoir, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice reports that she thought peace in the Mideast was very close during the 2008 discussions revealed in the leaked Palestine Papers. “As I write in 2011, the process seems to have gone backward,” she adds. [Ynet]

• All IDF soldiers are under orders not to become or to allow “another Gilad Shalit,” even it means risking life and limb. [Haaretz]

• Ira Stoll has a very wise take on Occupy Wall Street—and, specifically, Occupy Judaism. [Future of Capitalism]

• Israel’s U.S. consul rejected comparisons between the Gilad Shalit deal and the Israeli government’s stance on the peace process. [NYT]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu phoned Prime Minister Erdogan to express condolences for the more than 100 killed in an earthquake in eastern Turkey. Netanyahu also offered assistance, which has reportedly been refused. [Haaretz]

• New York Mayor Bloomberg was in Jerusalem to dedicate a Magen David Adom station he helped fund. [JTA]

The trailers for Tablet Magazine columnist Shalom Auslander’s first novel have dropped. They aren’t embeddable, but check ’em out if you like Holocaust humor.